(Photograph by Claudia Peppel, ICI Berlin 2015)
(Photograph by Claudia Peppel, ICI Berlin 2015)



Transnational Series: Nonfiction in Poetic and Experimental Form
Hosted by Brookline Booksmith

In conversation with Yiyun Li, Brigid Hughes, and Cassandra Lane —March 17, 2022
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Mary Cappello and Namwali Serpell discuss LECTURE
Hosted by Community Books, Brooklyn, September 8, 2020
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Of Mood: An Atmospheric Reading
Hotzbrinck LectureThe American Academy in Berlin — September 24, 2015
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Errant Foreign Bodies
ICI Berlin (Institute for Cultural Inquiry) Errans Series — November 30, 2015
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Of Clouds and Moods
BYU English Reading Series— March 13, 2015
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No Bones About It!
with Robert Hicks
Director of the world famous Mütter Museum
— April 28, 2011

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Julie Bolcer Interviews Mary Cappello
Here TV — March 4, 2010
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Swallowed and Saved
Paul William Craddock — August 27, 2012 — about a fbdy collection in the Pathology Museum, University College London as it relates to the Chevalier Jackson Fbdy Collection.
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The Chevalier Jackson Foreign Body Collection and the Art It Has Inspired
St Bartholomew’s Hospital Pathology Museum and Gallery, London, England — June 2012
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Autobiography of Illness, Biography of Cure
Dickinson College’s Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues — March 23, 2011
» Discussion of Autobiography vs. Biography begins at 1:00:49, Q&A begins at 52:00