bookworm with Radio Host, Michael Silverblatt, KCRW, September 8, 2018
A conversation with Mary Cappello, James Morrison, and Jean Walton, authors of Buffalo Trace: A Threefold Vibration
on the relationship between love, self-becoming, and the life of the mind » Listen to the Interview

NPR Specials: Berlin Journal Winter 2016
An interview for NPR/Berlin with literary translator and poet Alexander Booth on writing mood, sonorous envelopes, and the origins of Life Breaks In. — January 11, 2016
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The Curious Collection of Swallowed Objects
with Marty Moss Coane
Radio Times on Philadelphia’s WHYY — March 23, 2011
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The Fine Art of Extraction & Other Remarkable Undertakings
with Drs. Michael Greenberg and Matthew Birnholz
Second Opinion Live, XM Radio’s Reach MD — February 2011
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Swallowing and the Father of Endoscopy
with Phillip Adams
Late Night Live/ABC Radio National, Australia
— February 9, 2011

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Ireland’s Newstalk Radio
with Sean Moncreiff
Newstalk Radio — January 4, 2011
» Hear the Interview (at 31:54)

CBC Radio’s On the Coast
with Sharil Tobin
CBC Radio — January 4, 2011
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The Language of Cancer
with Jean Feraca
Wiscoinsin Public Radio’s Here on Earth — November 16, 2009
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Awkward: A Detour
with Celeste Quinn
Illinois Public Radio’s Afternoon Magazine — February 27, 2008
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